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TalentFormation is a Company Rebuilder that helps medium-sized companies transform their organisation and develop, implement and operate new digital business models to perform and grow sustainably.

Together with a growing network of tech service providers, solopreneurs and freelancers, TalentFormation forms highly effective product teams that enable companies to compete with disruptive competitors. For small business owners, we provide the environment for accelerating their personal and company growth within the TalentFormation Network.

Facts & Figures_

Founded in 2009 in Hamburg, we focus on Company (Re-)Building projects in Tech, Consumer Products, Mobility, Health, Energy, and other future-proof industries, both for retailers and manufacturers.







Hamburg & Zürich


Core Values_

Our Purpose and Core Values are the Guiding Principles for Everything we do.

We empower owner-run, medium-size businesses throughout Europe to become invincible companies who change the world for the better.

Higher Intent

for seeing and understanding everything as a whole, therefore making our actions impactful.


for being humble when facing challenges, continuously learning and inspiring others while leaving our egos behind.


for understanding the importance of trust and reliability to ensure openness and clarity within a team.


for continuously enhancing our talents thus maximizing our unique strengths.

Meet The team_

We exist to bring out the best in people and companies.

The initial idea for TalentFormation originated at OTTO. Back then, TalentFormation’s founder and CEO, Michael Wegener, put together virtual remote teams of highly skilled experts and worked on challenging projects under very challenging circumstances. He discovered that the collaborative process and the individuals in the team thrived by aligning qualified remote professionals, assigning each a clearly defined role, and removing the negative effect of organizational politics. The team’s will and momentum to deliver high-quality products on time deeply impressed and inspired Michael, which led him to start TalentFormation.

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