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Join us with your full-stack development teams and get involved in long-term projects for big companies and brands. Make an impact with your work, get excellent references, and grow as an entrepreneur.

Dealing with Barriers for Growth_

As an entrepreneur, you follow your inner calling and take responsibility for employees and your customers' needs. However, sometimes you may feel alone in your efforts towards continuous growth and building a strong organization. But you are not.

Leaders often face hurdles in scaling their businesses or fleshing out a unique value proposition and installing an effective sales process. It can consume a significant amount of your valuable time – time that should be dedicated to what you do best: crafting exceptional code for extraordinary products.


Within our cross-functional teams, you will be able to achieve maximum impact with your full-stack developers while being in close exchange with us and the decision-makers on the client's side. Additionally, we will help you develop professionally and personally as an entrepreneur.



Our projects always offer new challenges, allow you to leverage your core competencies, and become benchmarks in the respective industry. Our assignments will result in a significant increase in our clients' user and business KPIs.


Work for top brands

With TalentFormation you will work for top brands on long-term assignments without having to bend over backward. We understand what is essential for your employees and ensure to meet those parameters.


Personal Coaching

We believe that you want to grow professionally and personally as an entrepreneur. To fit your needs and life plan, we look at your resources and life goals side by side and offer suitable, highly qualified coaching.


Entrepreneurial training

As a software service provider, you have to analyze and adapt your positioning and range of services constantly. We help you by sharing our insights and experience as entrepreneurs while providing the right tools for the tasks ahead.

Are you A Freelancer?_

Do you want to grow yourself and take the next step to become a tech entrepreneur? You've come to the right place.


The TalentFormation Network supports you in taking the next steps toward new goals, allowing continuous development oth as a leader and individual.


Highly skilled and experienced tech professionals and entrepreneurs


Experienced in crafting challenging software projects and complex IT infrastructures


Motivated to grow as a person and empower others to do so


Guided by joint values which make work and life easier for everyone


Highly connected in the tech scene


Our Network Members helped these companies to create great products and thrive in today's highly competitive economy.

industries we work for_

Our focus is set on the future, without losing sight of the past.

Consumer Products

Transforming retail businesses is our origin. Getting European retailers ready for the game where they compete with global market giants is very close to our hearts.


Intelligent mobility systems are one of the decisive factors for our future. We help companies put new mobility concepts into action - with highly efficient product development methods and business models.


With digital health products, we help make healthcare accessible to everyone. Medical products are integrated into patients' everyday lives and help consumers stay healthy.


Making products and services in the energy sector more user-friendly and transparent help companies increase customer loyalty and ensure lasting business success.

Unlocking Mutual Benefits_

At TalentFormation, we empower tech entrepreneurs to overcome growth barriers both professionally and personally.


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"TFN has helped me think through my tech startup's automatically generated business model: How do things fit together? Where is there potential for optimization? What sales strategy do I need to drive my company's growth forward? It significantly expands one's scope!"

Marten Prieß

CEO & Founder RocketBase


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