Alexander von Buchholtz

Head of Software Engineering & Methodology

As Head of Software Engineering and Methodology, Alexander von Bucholtz has an impressive track record in transforming complex software landscapes, acting as both a hands-on Software Engineer and strategic Software Architect. As Lead Enterprise Architect at Klingel Group, he led the verticalization project 'Next Level Commerce' in collaboration with TalentFormation. Promoted to SVP Architecture & Technology, Alexander led key initiatives in Cloud Strategy, Information Security and Engineering Architecture Management, culminating in a transformative IT overhaul at Klingel Group. 

Now at TalentFormation, he'll bring his expertise in Technology, Enterprise Architecture and Engineering Management to our client projects, with a particular focus on the Understand & Design phase. Alexander's mission extends to refining our BSOCAS methodology toolkit through co-creation, representing a new era of collaborative innovation at TalentFormation.


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