Simone Zaminer

Head of Sales

Simone is Head of Sales and Business Model Designer at TalentFormation. She rebuilds companies with power and mastery by transforming their current, core business model into a sustainable, growth-driven one. People are Simone’s passion – listening to what matters to them, understanding their pains and gains. Consumer or client, friend or random acquaintance: every story fascinates her; she loves to discover what lies underneath and finding ways to leave a positive impact. She is TalentFormation’s retail and consumer goods expert, with over 20 years of industry experience in sales, product development, assortment controlling, and strategic development. She learned retail from scratch and transitioned early into vertically integrated brands, drawn by their customer centric approach. Her time with an international strategy consultancy taught her the art of connecting the dots through a holistic view, restructuring companies with efficiency instead of drama, and leading dedicated project teams to deliver tangible results. Although crazy globetrotter and working nomad, she remains true to her Bavarian roots, treasuring authenticity and honest values.


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