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Become part of the TalentFormation Network! Continue to grow professionally, financially, and personally while working alongside leading talent in the digital industry. Take part in challenging, long-term projects for exciting companies and exceptional brands in established and new industries.

Dealing with Barriers for Growth_

As a freelancer, you appreciate the freedom to shape your schedule and choose your jobs. But you also know those moments when it would be nicer to have a team by your side with whom you can find clever solutions to tricky problems in a trusting and collegial manner. To have an environment that supports your further development, provides you with advice, and constantly supplies you with exciting projects with impact. For more quality time in your professional and private life.


At TalentFormation we focus on making an impact on projects and in your life. We support you in taking the next steps towards new goals, allowing continuous development while gaining time for other areas of your life.


Challenging projects

Are you ready for exciting challenges that have a genuine impact? We build products that substantially push companies in growth industries. In our product teams, you will have the maximum impact possible for your role. We work autonomously and cross-functionally. You will be challenged, but won't build anything that doesn't make sense.


Financial freedom

We know that money is not everything for you, but the prerequisite for freedom and other things you want to devote yourself to in your life. At TalentFormation, we engage in long-term projects that bring security, plannability, and freedom into your life. With us, you will earn consistently well and have the chance to develop yourself as an entrepreneur with your own vision.



Discuss technical questions, tricky problems, and state-of-the-art solutions with TalentFormation experts in our Slack Channels. At our community events, such as our Growth Day, you will get to know other talents and exchange ideas about your projects and personal topics. Much fun and personal support are guaranteed.


Mastery trainings

In addition to project-related coaching, our specialized training courses constantly bring you up to date on the latest innovations. We strive to customize and fine-tune our offerings with our training partners to fit your needs so that you are secure in your role and task area and can grow beyond yourself in your abilities.


PERSONAL coaching

We believe that people want to grow, and know that your work can only be fulfilling if it fits you and your needs. We look into your resources and your life goals side by side. On that basis – if wanted and wished for – we offer qualified coaching support.


Do you have at least five years of operational experience as a line manager at a leading tech-focused company in one of our key roles and want to become a freelancer? The TalentFormation Network is here to help. Get in touch with us, and we will tell you more about our approach and services.


The TalentFormation Network supports you in taking the next steps towards new goals, allowing continuous development both as a freelancer and individual.


Highly skilled and experienced tech professionals and entrepreneurs


Experienced in crafting challenging software projects and complex IT infrastructures


Motivated to grow as a person and empower others to do so


Guided by joint values which make work and life easier for everyone


Highly connected in the tech scene


Our Network Members helped these companies to create great products and thrive in today's highly competitive economy.

industries we work for_

Our focus is set on the future, without losing sight of the past.

Consumer Products

Transforming retail businesses is our origin. Getting European retailers ready for the game where they compete with global market giants is very close to our hearts.


Intelligent mobility systems are one of the decisive factors for our future. We help companies put new mobility concepts into action - with highly efficient product development methods and business models.


With digital health products, we help make healthcare accessible to everyone. Medical products are integrated into patients' everyday lives and help consumers stay healthy.


Making products and services in the energy sector more user-friendly and transparent help companies increase customer loyalty and ensure lasting business success.

Unlocking Mutual Benefits_

Let's take the first step together towards a successful partnership by ensuring our mutual expectations align. Our multi-stage process is designed with care, leading to a smooth onboarding into the TalentFormation Network.


Fill out our contact form if you have at least 5 years of operational experience as a line manager in one of our key roles


First chat to get to know you and your company better and understand your goals

Professional interview

Professional interview to learn about your team's skills and experience


Interview in which we exchange our values and expectations

"I have already worked on four major projects for TalentFormation. In addition to the exciting challenges I have had the opportunity to deal with, I particularly appreciate the reliability and pleasant cooperation with the other talents."


UX & Visual Designer

"I have now built three large platforms with TalentFormation and each time had the chance to use the latest technologies and managed services. There has been a high level of professionalism and trust within the team. The socials with the Talents are always special and memorable."


Product Manager

"I have supported several large and ambitious projects with TalentFormation; in the process, I have always been able to learn something new and improve myself. Although I mainly work remotely, there is a constant exchange with other experts in the network."

Julia Höhn

UX & Product Managerin

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Please fill out our contact form if you have at least five years of operational experience as a line manager in one of our key roles and would like to become one of our talents.

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