Daniela Terberl

Head of Marketing

As Head of Marketing, Daniela is responsible for Marketing and Communications at TalentFormation. As a passionate Content Marketer, she loves to tell stories to find a way into the audience’s hearts and minds. In 2006, Daniela started a commercial video production agency in Berlin. That is where she learned to communicate highly complex products and services easily. She produced commercial films, explainer videos, and animations for companies of all sizes and from all industries. Daniela created films for Lufthansa, Knappschaft, Minijobzentrale, and many more. As Executive Producer at a film production company, she produced commercial films for Opel, Vauxhall, Citroen, Peugeot and DS and was responsible for the company’s Sales & Marketing activities. As International Marketing Manager at the e-procurement platform Unite.eu, she was Project Manager for the global relaunch of the corporate brand website in 14 European markets. She supported the company’s growth and internationalization strategy by co-ordinating international marketing activities.


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